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"O time your pyramids," 2016
"O time your pyramids," 2016
"Map & Universe," 2016

Julie Poitras Santos’ work includes installations, performances and public projects that often involve a walking component. Also a writer, her research interests include areas where art and language intersect.

Poitras Santos’ work has been exhibited domestically and internationally, including exhibitions at the Institute for Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art; Coleman Burke Gallery in Brunswick, Maine; the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, Michigan; the Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona, Spain; Reykjanesbaer Art Museum in Iceland; and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, Colorado. She has attended residencies and created performances and projects in the United States, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Iceland and Sweden; and has received support for her work through the Kindling Fund Grant, a Good Idea Contemporary Art Grant from the Maine Arts Commission, and a Boulder Arts Commission Major Grant from the Boulder City Council in Colorado. She lives in Portland, Maine and teaches part time at Maine College of Art.

"Map & Universe," 2016 2 years ago
"O time your pyramids," 2016 2 years ago
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