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Julia M. Doughty
Julia M. Doughty
Julia M. Doughty, "Copper Crawler"
Julia M. Doughty, "Crios"
Julia M. Doughty, "Cordelia"
Julia M. Doughty, "Old Gage"

It turns out I am a scavenger. I love the chance and the timing of where and when an object will present itself. When I find it, it speaks to me. It is truly a gift. It was waiting for me. Stone, glass, wood and most recently, rusty iron remnants discarded by past lives, call out to me. They are rich in history and speak of, perhaps, a simpler way of life. I love the shapes and the color and texture of the rust. I love that nature is changing these objects, it is reclaiming them. The only constant is change. I continue the metamorphosis by imagining and creating new lives for these lost objects. Each one I create is a little different from the last. They continue to evolve alongside the artist in me. I am most passionate about my seahorse, crab and lobster series. It amuses me that the lobster is also a scavenger.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Julia has now lived in Maine for almost 12 years. Her art has always been impassioned by the sea and in its proximity she feels alive and creatively complete. With a BFA from The Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, Julia’s journey in textile, graphic and costume design has led her to the joyful discovery of ‘found object’ sculpture. Every aspect of her creative process, from scavenging the woods and coastlines to hours spent in her studio, brings her profound peace. Julia is drawn to the elements of iron (the rustier the better), copper, stone and wood and strives to balance them in her sculpture.
She has had several solo shows as well as group shows in Maine and is currently represented in Maine by Ironbound Gallery in Camden, Gifts at 136 in Damariscotta, Casco Bay Artisans in The Old Port, Portland, The Sail Locker in Belfast and in Massachusetts by Nantucket Looms in Nantucket. Julia’s studio is in Freeport, Maine.

Julia M. Doughty, "Old Gage" 3 years ago
Julia M. Doughty, "Cordelia" 3 years ago
Julia M. Doughty, "Crios" 3 years ago
Julia M. Doughty, "Copper Crawler" 3 years ago
Julia M. Doughty 3 years ago
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