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"Wall Drawing with Red," by Jeff Kellar

The source material for my work is in places such as vestibules, nooks, stairwells, hallways, vaults, rotundas, galleries, libraries, alleys, shops, street corners and plazas. Particular spaces create particular physical and emotional sensations. My paintings and sculptures result from my attempt to distill and express those sensations. To make the work, I use a mixture of resin, clay and pigment, applied with knives and brushes onto aluminum panels or wood. I layer and sand this medium, incise and inlay lines and buff it to varying degrees of polish.

The surfaces of Jeff Kellar’s meticulously composed paintings shimmer with sensuality. His disciplined blocks of color draw tension along their boundaries, transforming geometry into narrative. Recently, he has shown at the Richard Levy Gallery in Albequerque, the William Campbell Gallery in Fort Worth, at Art Miami, and Icon in Brunswick. He has participated in several Biennials at CMCA and the Portland Museum of Art; he won the Portland Museum Biennial purchase prize in 2007, and in 2013 he showed his paintings in Singapore. In 2014, he has shown his work at the Richard Levy Gallery in New Mexico and at the Downtown Art Fair in New York, at the William Campbell Gallery at the Dallas Art Fair, and at ICON in Brunswick. His work is in many collections, including the Farnsworth Art Museum and Microsoft, and this year he was awarded the Adolf and Esther Gottlieb Individual Support Grant.

"Wall Drawing with Red," by Jeff Kellar 3 years ago
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