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Jack McKenney was born and raised in New Hampshire. He currently lives and works in Camden, Maine. He spent most
of his professional life successfully managing a career in retail marketing and merchandising and during the last fifteen years, lived
and worked in Boston and New York City. His creativity and vision had always been visible in his marketing and visual presentation work. Since leaving that field, he has focused all his creative expression in his painting. His work, in oils and acrylics, combines sensitive color use with exact shapes and movements. His paintings have been shown in Corey Daniels Gallery in Southern Maine.
Many of his paintings have been commissioned works by private individuals. He has recently opened a gallery in Camden, Maine in which he also uses as his studio.

Sensitive use of color is the primary voice in my work. The bold and fluid movements in my paintings reflect situations
or events that have found their way to a successful end. Strong-edged shapes and abrupt lines tell a different story.
And, most of my work has the influences of being connected to the coast for my entire life.

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