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I have no agenda, no one pursuit. I do not strive to make a product or be known for a single style. I do not favor one material over another. I do not wish to repeat myself.

In creating my work, my preference is for the surface, the color and the expression of the material. My goal is to find the truth in the object or picture. I embrace humor but reject sentimentality. I favor the industrial, but also have a tendency to collect sticks and stones. I make art in order to figure out who I am and why I make it.

In his work J. T. Gibson plays variations on the themes of natural forms.  In 2011 his large scale installation, Operation Milkweed, clung to the façade of CMCA’s building.  He has had several careers.  A master photographic printer, he printed the work of Diane Arbus and Richard Avedon; he fabricates architectural metalwork and furniture; one of his plays won an award at the Edward Albee Theater Conference.  Recent shows include a solo show at the University of Maine Museum of Art. He was included in the CMCA 2010 Biennial and the 2010 University of Maine I-95 Triennial, and last spring was in a show at the University of Maine Museum of Art.  This summer he is showing at Corey Daniels Gallery in Wells, and at Heather Hearst Art in Camden.

J.T. Gibson 3 years ago
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