Hugh Lassen, "Rhino 1," 2015
Hugh Lassen, "Rhino 1," 2015
Hugh Lassen, "Rhino 2," 2015
Hugh Lassen, "Carving," 2015

Hugh Lassen was born in Scotland. He studied sculpture at the Art Students League of New York and drawing at the Spring Studio, NY. Often an idea will emerge from a drawing and will provide the beginning for a sculpture. By carving directly in the stone or wood the idea will be refined until, hopefully, it works in the round. He lives with his wife and two children in Cherryfield, Maine.

Artist’s Statement
I find that my own sculptural aims revolve around mass, bulk, weight, in a phrase — ponderable form. For many years I’ve studied the figure using a range of exercises to develop my sense of touch. From these efforts and from my experiences carving, I realize that my work is founded on the human form and, occasionally, on animal forms.

The subtle, quiet forces that inspire us are perhaps better left unstated but, broadly, my aim is to create vital, life-enhancing forms.

Hugh Lassen, "Rhino 1," 2015 3 years ago
Hugh Lassen, "Rhino 2," 2015 3 years ago
Hugh Lassen, "Carving," 2015 3 years ago
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