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“Since early 2011, I have been traveling all fifty states to explore a contemporary American landscape, and to share my experiences through painting.  I strive to inhabit the space between representation and abstraction while preserving the character and authenticity of every place I paint. “

Greta Van Campen grew up in Thomaston and graduated in 2005 from Bowdoin College, where she studied the visual arts.  In 2011 she embarked on a road trip—traveling to all fifty states, meeting people and painting the landscape and her adventures in her direct, bright way, both clean-edged and romantic. Her travels ended in 2012 with a show of her work at Dowling Walsh Gallery.  Last year she had a solo show at Suntropy Integrative Health Center in San Fransisco and took part in a family exhibition, along with her mother and father, at The Engine in Biddeford.  This year she stayed home and painted Maine, but has a solo show at Firecat Projects in Chicago and at the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah. She also had a show, called Home, at Dowling Walsh Gallery in May.

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