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I translate the materia natura of geology and botany via formal concerns for color, surface and pattern. Patterns formed by stones and sediments are interesting to me because they are evidence of geological processes from the macro (orogenies) to the micro (the breakdown of rock into sand particles). It’s not enough to make a picture of something seen. My art has to be the product of some natural process – the piling up of pigment, the dissolving effects of water, the accretions of color indicative of organic growth and decay.

For the Erosion series, I let process determine image. I used water as a solvent to shift and erode the paint, and the images that result are as much a product of the water’s flow as they are of my imagination. My inspirations are both kinesthetic and intellectual. The sounds and sights of water rushing over rocks, of rural streams and rock-strewn beaches, inform these works. And my touchstones as an artist are as diverse as 1960’s process art, Leonardo’s water studies and Chinese landscape painting.

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Zopp_Entre dos aguas #5.jpeg 3 years ago
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