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Deborah Ellis, Pond Trail
Deborah Ellis, Pond Trail
Deborah Ellis, Newfoundland II
Deborah Ellis, Tree Stand
Deborah Ellis, Apples

I work in watercolor on paper. My subject is often woods and water, and the details they break down into through focus and reflection. I love the paper as much as the imagery upon it. I use the hovering translucencies particular to watercolor to capture light and often to emphasize an indirect view.

Deborah Ellis is a longtime seasonal resident of a small lake island in Orland, Maine. She has exhibited throughout New England as well as the mid-Atlantic and New York. In Maine she has shown at CMCA, Penobscot Marine Museum, George Marshall Store Gallery, and Island Heritage Trust. Her work is in corporate, private, and public collections, including the National Museum of Women in the Arts and the Virginia Museum.

Deborah Ellis, Apples 2 years ago
Deborah Ellis, Newfoundland II 2 years ago
Deborah Ellis, Pond Trail 2 years ago
Deborah Ellis, Tree Stand 2 years ago
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