Artist Statement

My art is guided by a few basics. They are: good draftsmanship, strong color, and an interesting variety of subject matter. Subjects include large-format cityscapes, landscapes, portraits, and florals. The paintings of cities and villages often include individual buildings. Some of the landscapes look big enough to step into…

Most of Stengelsen’s paintings over the last 20 years are quite large — from 48 x 60 to 72 x 96 inches. All are in oil. There are some smaller paintings in the collection that were completed when the artist was living in Spain. Stengelsen’s paintings are impressive for his use of color and his large-format images. Comments about his work include “meticulously executed draftsmanship” and “complex use of color.” His works can take as little as a month to over six months to complete. He builds, stretches, and prepares most of his own canvases in his studio.

Among his influences, Stengelsen lists German expressionist painters Ernst Kirshner and Oscar Kokoshka; American painters Milton Avery, Fairfield Porter, and Philip Guston; and Englishman Lucian Freud.


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