27 Runquist Bjorn.jpg
27 Runquist Bjorn.jpg

I love the physical, sensual, nature of paint as a means for exploring how we look at ordinary things.  For me it is very much a process of “making” in response to that looking. I have chosen certain images because within the commonplace there is often “all the wonder one needs”.  At the core of these images is the ever-present force of light as the source of all we see, indeed, at the source of life itself. The ever-present companion of light is shadow and the form given by the play of these two.  The painting “Work Space” is from a series dealing with the patterns that every day work and work structures create in my favorite locations.

Bjorn Runquist paints vivid, atmospheric landscapes and seascapes; his subject is the continuing colorful surprise of the Maine coast. The artist, born in Stockholm, was educated in the United States, France, and England. He has exhibited widely in galleries on the east coast, including Caldbeck Gallery and Gleason Fine Arts, at Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery in Kent, Connecticut, the Horton Hayes Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina, and the Allan Stone Gallery in New York. His work is in many private collections, as well as in the Farnsworth Museum. This year he has one-person exhibitions at Landing Gallery in Rockland and Oceanview Grange in Port Clyde.

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27 Runquist Bjorn.jpg 3 years ago
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