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Barbara Cone, "Cloudland Road"
Barbara Cone, "Cloudland Road"
Barbara Cone, "Birds Eye View"
Barbara Cone, "Gualala"
Barbara Cone, Untitled

Barb Cone of Spruce Head, Maine, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a professional exhibiting artist working in video, installation, painting, mixed media, printmaking, and photography. At present her interest is in the ancient medium of encaustic, which is formulated from beeswax, resin, and pigment, heated and worked while in its molten state. 

Artist’s Statement

Why does anyone make art? If artists had any sense there would be no art. Someone I knew once said, “So, you buy the materials and you make the art, then you pay to frame it and ship it to a show, and may or may not get any money after all that? That’s crazy. Why would anyone do that?”  Why would anyone, indeed?

An artist statement like this one is meant to illuminate the artist’s inner process for the reader, to give a context for the work as it is seen. But I want to set that aside for the moment and get back to some basic questions: Why does any human being in her right mind make art? Why are you taking the time right now to look at the artwork in the CMCA Artist Directory and read this statement or any statement? Maybe we are both crazy in the same way: I have something to say in a visual language and you have a need to hear what I have to say. You may not understand what I’m saying or like the work or like me as an artist but we’re stuck with each other in this wordless, elemental, and most human of encounters. Aren’t we the lucky ones?  

Barbara Cone, Untitled 3 years ago
Barbara Cone, "Gualala" 3 years ago
Barbara Cone, "Birds Eye View" 3 years ago
Barbara Cone, "Cloudland Road" 3 years ago
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