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un-föld 160379, 12x12in.
un-föld 160379, 12x12in.
un-föld 140348, 30x30in.
un-föld 160374, 8x8in.
un-föld 160381, 24x24in.

I strive for a spare representation. I am interested in what the paint is capable of doing.  The color comes and I focus on if it is dark or light; is it dense or full of air?   Acknowledging the process is important to me, especially the efficiency in the gesture of a brush stroke.

Avy Claire has straddled the built and natural landscapes throughout her life, focusing on many different projects and inspirations. She describes her multi-faceted work as “projects,” whether painting, installations, video, or the gardens she designs and executes. The human relationship to nature is a primary directive in all of her practices.  Her work has been exhibited in Maine, including CMCA and the Portland Museum of Art.

un-föld 160381, 24x24in. 2 years ago
un-föld 160374, 8x8in. 2 years ago
un-föld 140348, 30x30in. 2 years ago
un-föld 160379, 12x12in. 2 years ago
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