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What excites me about the encaustic practice is that it requires you to exist so deeply in the moment—to be so entangled in emotion, embroiled in physical process, and to be so absolutely involved in creation—that all else leaves your consciousness. The encaustic process puts you in a corner and begs you to fight your way out. It requires dynamic response; each moment challenging the artist: Can you make a decision? Are you willing to risk failure? Can you commit to your next move? All frightening questions in everyday life but terribly exciting in art.

Selected 2016 Exhibits
U.S. Embassy, Vilnius, Lithuania
The Discerner Gallery, London, England
Office of the President, University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine
Yarmouth Frame and Gallery, Yarmouth, Maine
The Press Hotel, Portland Maine

Annie Darling, AfterBefore 2 years ago
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