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Tori Marsh

Tori Marsh

Medium textiles



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I utilize embroidery as a form of drawing. I focus on the female nude, transformed - women with animal heads. These figures aim to be humorous, subversive and demand a close proximity for viewing (which could make the viewer uncomfortable by having to be so close). I use this as a form of empowerment in referencing the power and tenacious spirit of women I know, love and some that I have lost.  Additionally, these pieces have monochromatic thread drawn pattern in them, influenced by their stance and in-your-face nakedness. These patterns are inspired by traditional quilt, embroidery, and other textile patterns. Embroidery has taken me to various residencies, from Canada to Iceland, where I have immersed myself in the history of other textile techniques and incorporated them into my work.I received a BFA from Maine College of Art, and a MAT from the School of Visual Arts. I live and work in Rockland, Maine with my husband, son and two dogs.