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Stephen Bartlett

Stephen Bartlett

Medium sculpture



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Working in the area between abstraction and representation, I create my sculpture largely based on, and determined by, formal considerations. I ask myself, what does this shape or form say? Does it have meaning or associations? Am I getting too close to representation? Should I pull back a little? Intentionally ambiguous, I simply try to set the viewer on a path, using shape, color, and title.Currently, all of my sculpture is constructed entirely of wood. I steam bend individual pieces, which are then joined together to form hollow shapes. In this process, I can create forms similar to casting but that have the planes found only in fabrication. This is the best of both worlds for me. I get to construct and assemble what I’m drawn to and achieve the volume usually associated with casting.In my sculpture, I am constantly coming up with forms that make vague references to something but are simutaneously without definition.I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, and graduated from Kenyon College with a BA in art in 1984. Currently, I live in Bath, Maine.