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Scott Reed

Scott Reed

Medium painting | printing


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I think of my work as essentially visual philosophy, as a certain philosophy made visible. Aesthetics plays its part. I want the work to be seen as well constructed, technically proficient, balanced, beautiful – all those simple aesthetic notions. But more important than that, there is a quality to the knowing of my work, a certain taste to the kind of knowledge that is being given me to express. And I very much want to share that knowledge through my work, as my work. I think of my work then as metaphysical, spiritual in nature and exploring the ideas of “who we are” and “why we are here”.

A quick look at my work and one notices that I do not see the human condition as being adequately or sufficiently expressed by staying within the confines of physical plane description. Instead my work has always called upon me to look within, and then to go deeper, and then deeper still straight into the heart of mystery. For me that journey is an abstract one.

Joseph Campbell, the great mythologist, stated that we should follow our bliss. My bliss is my work. My work expresses the thought that we are indeed complex beings. It states that we are here to be happy and to be joyful. We are here to express love as best we can. In sharing that joy, my work seeks to reveal pictorially, the mystery of radiant joy and then to give that joy away as a gift to those who will take the time to look, who will take time to listen to their reaction to my work.