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Pam Bardon

Pam Bardon

Medium drawing | mixed media



Location 61 Rollins Rd, Camden, ME, 04843, US

In 1978 I graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art,and moved to idyllic Hosmer Pond in Camden,Maine where  I have lived and worked ever since.

Artist’s Statement

Over time, I have come to believe that paying close attention to what is right there to be observed, is a very pure form of love. The activity of drawing , in its flexibility, spontaneity, and its inherent capacity to capture the ephemeral nature of reality calls forth that nonjudgmental

observer that lives in all of us. Viewing a drawing we become

intimate with the working process of the artist .

Is a mark merely a descriptive tool used to describe

form and delineate values ? I believe line can powerfully transcend mere illustration and take on a highly charged emotional life of its own. I use line to excise complacency from my vision. Cumulative marking on a surface helps me to expressively reinvent an image and set it free from its original source ,whether that be photographic or directly from life.

It is the intensity of focus an individual brings to bear in this task of reinvention, that ultimately instills the new image with power and unique subjectivity.

I hope to invest my work with a sense of movement, disintegration, and transformation.

The mixed media work in progress rapidly assumes a

life of its own, ignoring my original concepts. Like a demanding patient, it urges me to perform radical surgery in an attempt to realize the necessary cure.

The act of drawing should always center our fickle attention, concentrating it in that molten core of creativity ,the present moment, where we can instant by instant, sense eternity.