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Joyce Jackson

Joyce Jackson

Medium photography

Website http://www.joycejjackson.com


LocationPerry, Maine

"I see my involvement with photography as an ongoing deep inquiry, a journey of self discovery. As I work, I endeavor to be open – abandoning all preconceptions – to feel my way and allow those mysterious and intangible forces to come into play. To find that place of delight and surprise that occurs with the discovery of the unexpected. I aspire to transcend the ‘what is’ (the concrete reality) following my heart to reveal an image that reflects a deeper reality – my own humanity. I want my work to speak authentically to the essentially human in all of us, evoking life and death, magic and mystery, tragedy and comedy, awe and wonder, the sublime and the absurd."Joyce Jackson studied photojournalism and art history at Syracuse University – graduating in 1994. In 1993, she studied with Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, John Kaplan at Syracuse University’s London Centre and traveled extensively while abroad.  During her time in Syracuse she worked at Light Work, a renowned nonprofit photography organization founded in 1973 to support local, national and international photographers. The Light Work community of photographers provided an important environment for self-discovery. Jackson worked at New York and San Francisco Bay Area photography agencies and galleries – including Yancey Richardson Gallery in 1996. From 2005 – 2014 she was representative for the estate of the New York School painter, Raymond Hendler. During her tenure she secured estate representation with prominent New York City galleries. Through research, educational, curatorial and promotional efforts helped ensure Hendler’s contribution to modern art would not be forgotten. These efforts significantly informed her own work and engendered a renewed interest in this neglected artist.