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Leecia Price

Leecia Price


Website http://www.leeciaprice.com


LocationCamden, Maine

I make heavily-textured, multi-layered landscape paintings to express my concern for the natural environment. My abstracted designs feature natural elements: the water's edge, trees, flowers, and occasionally birds. My subject or theme may be apparent or emotionally expressed to the point of complete abstraction. Primarily I work in my Camden home studio in oil and cold wax medium, with a second body of work in encaustics. When traveling I create watercolor studies, and seasonally I make plein air 'starts' in oils. Materiality is important to my process of repeated addition and excavation. While allowing layering, scraping and incision, beeswax also holds a great variety of ingredients in my paintings: oil paint, dry pigments, marble dust, graphite, charcoal, paper, textiles and ink. Found natural materials have increasingly become added texture elements; for example ashes, charcoal, creosote from my wood stove and beach sand.  My creative work started while I worked in environmental protection and I continue to seek opportunities to weave science and conservation into my art practice.