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Dear Families and Friends,

It was a brilliant, sunny afternoon when fourth graders (and their families) arrived from Lura Libby School in Thomaston to experience their own art in a gallery. Opening the student show, gallery owner, Jonathan Frost told the kids that art is something one can explore all their lives. This is just what LEAPS intern, Lizzie Lombardo, has been doing. She shared an important story. Once a Lura Libby student herself, she had been taught by one of the fourth grade teachers present. Having graduated from her local high school in their gifted and talented program, she has attended art school (Pratt) in New York, and been working at the Harbor Square Gallery since. Lizzie was reveling in the children’s artwork and her own teaching and learning experience since joining LEAPS for the season.

Fourth graders, having had their first exposure to LEAPS of IMAGINATION in second grade, were primed to make history on this occasion. They were the first class to have gone through the program twice, and this was their first show. With their teachers, Michelle Ford and Rose Richter, and their principal, Ainslee Riley on the sidelines, they artfully described the printing process and shared their brand new monotypes. Some talked about mindmaps, a way to pictorially represent their daily routines. Others unlocked the secret of applying their collagraph stamps to make a second or third imprint on a two-tone monotype. Their vocabularies, having been significantly enlarged, fourth graders wowed the crowd.

If you haven’t seen the exhibition yet, be sure to head down to the Jonathan Frost Gallery on Park Street in Rockland. The student prints, which will be up for a month, will really make an impression!

Here are some comments that a few of the exhibition’s attendees shared after the opening:

“This is exciting work, reflecting a level of sophistication and understanding of materials that I wouldn’t have expected from fourth graders. I loved hearing them talk about their work”
“The quality of teaching and level of expectations brought out the best in the students! Congratulations!”
“My daughter came home so excited whenever the class was held. The colored pencils have been dusted off at our house, and she is going through her art paper like crazy.”
“My child LOVED the days at school that included LEAPS! She was non-stop chatter about it and was very enthusiastic! Thank you!”
“This was a FAB experience. My child loved it. The artwork is wonderful. I love seeing these kids brighten and open up!”

Thank you CMCA, Lura Libby School, Jonathan Frost Gallery, and our generous funders, Maine Arts Commission, Davis Family Foundation, Nellie Leaman Taft Foundation.

With much appreciation to our team of remarkable artists, Alexis, Susan, Sarah, Sandy, and Lizzie, Nancy