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Pictures, Politics, and Post-Truths: The CMCA Biennial-Big Red & Shiny

“For local control all you need is a place, political say and a way to make a living; it’s a practical matter. For local art you need a whole culture.”

February News + Events

New Exhibitions - Cady, Driskell, Wethli; Vacation Week ArtLab, Yoga, and more! Read Newsletter

9 Reasons Why The Off-Season Is The Best Time To Visit Maine-Town&Country

There’s no denying that summer in Maine is pretty idyllic. The average temperature in July and August hovers around 70 degrees, which is pretty much perfect weather for a lobster

An Outpost of the Louvre and 2 Saint Laurent Shrines-New York Times

There is the art of travel, and then there is traveling for art. In 2017, art lovers can expect splashy new museums in both well-known and surprising locales, noteworthy exhibits

January News + Events

Biennial final month, ArtLab, Yoga, Pies on Parade, Art to Collect, Who Do You Love? Read Newsletter


  26.12.2016   CMCA   CMCA In The Press   No comments

There’s no question that Portland, in particular, and Maine as a whole are getting hipper all the time, but how exactly? With 2016 coming to a close, we decided to

Top 10 of the year in art-Boston Globe

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… Best new museum building Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Rockland, Maine …   Article written by Sebastian Smee. Read full article here.

Easy New England Escape: Rockland, Maine-Sherman’s Travel

There’s no shortage of idyllic seaside towns along the coast of Maine — the kind where you’ll find picturesque lobster shacks and weather-worn lighthouses. The town of Rockland, though, is

Palette and Palate-Indulge

  Article written by Jane Wooldridge. Read full e-magazine article on pgs. 125-127 here.

December News and Happenings

2016 Biennial, ArtLab, Open Studio, Shop Specials, Fox Island Pop-up, Membership Contest, and more. Read Newsletter

December 3 – ArtLab for All Ages | Still Life Remix

Rockland, Maine, November 22, 2016 —The Center for Maine Contemporary Art (CMCA) invites artists of all ages to to create 3D model still lives! Diorama meets small sculpture in this mixed-media driven workshop. Led by

CMCA Announces New Chair, Board of Trustees

Rockland, Maine, November 11, 2016 – The Center for Maine Contemporary Art (CMCA) has announced its new slate of officers and members of the Board of Trustees. Karen S. Brace, of Camden,