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The “Great Reveal”

Dear Families and Friends,   We’re learning from artists, but we are also learning from one another. Today in our whole group we observed our classmates’ “stamps” and prints, looking

Fit to Print

   IMAGINATION will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere. ~ Carl Sagan Dear Families and Friends, The tale of Beautiful Blackbird has

Leaps of Imagination Takes Flight

Dear Families and Friends, “What is Imagination?” we asked second graders as we met them on Leaps of Imagination’s opening day. Hands shot up; there was so much to say.

The Project at Lura Libby School

     WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? The project, an Integrated Study of Art and Folktales, focuses on animal tales from different cultures with themes of empowerment and change-making. We bring Mentor

Pamela Hetherly, Cara Romano, Jude Valentine

  14.02.2014   CMCA   Open Studio   No comments

PAMELA HETHERLY My studio is in a 10-sided tower overlooking the woods at my home in Mount Vernon. It’s a magical place loaded with memories. Though I wish it were

Rachel Eastman, Bethany Engstrom

  15.01.2014   CMCA   Open Studio   No comments

RACHAEL EASTMAN I have recently moved to Biddeford, near Biddeford Pool, where my new home studio is. After many years of painting in tiny, crowded spaces, we knocked out the

Katharine Cartwright, Donald Rainville, William Zingaro

  4.11.2013   CMCA   Open Studio   No comments

KATHARINE CARTWRIGHT My studio was designed and built to accommodate my need for multiple-use spaces. The largest area is under-counter storage for materials, paintings, and supplies. Adjacent to that

Kimberly Crichton, Scott Davis, Bessie Smith Moulton

  20.08.2013   CMCA   Open Studio   No comments

KIMBERLY CRICHTON My studio is full of the things that fill me with joy: reminders of the people who have shaped my life, like the sweet scalloped yellow chair that

Jody Harrington, Marguerite Ogden, Sandra Stanton

  31.07.2013   CMCA   Open Studio   No comments

JODY HARRINGTON My art is clutter free, so my studio must reflect that. Two simple tables in front of windows that drown the studio with natural light. Taking breaks to

Barbara Brady, Ragna Bruno, Connie Hayes

  28.06.2013   CMCA   Open Studio   No comments

BARBARA BRADY My studio is my sanctuary. Once inside, I forget about everything else and I become totally immersed in the painting. It’s quiet, peaceful, which lends itself well to

J.T. Gibson, Charlie & Terrill Jenkins, Amy Lowry

  9.04.2013   CMCA   Open Studio   No comments

J.T. GIBSON I am fortunate to have a big, sprawling studio of multiple rooms and spaces jammed with materials and hand tools and machines — cheek by jowl. In order

James Chute, Joshua Ferry, Philip Frey

  29.03.2013   CMCA   Open Studio   No comments

JAMES CHUTE This is my small home studio, half of a repurposed bedroom. For the past several years, my work has been primarily drawing with ink or markers. To the