Look Inside: CMCA — School Visits

Look Inside: CMCA is available whenever exhibitions are up, typically May to December. We invite teachers with students from 3rd grade through high school to learn about contemporary art in Maine through programs that encourage creative observation, critical thinking skills, and an appreciation for the breadth of contemporary art practice.

Teachers should allow 1-1/2 to 2 hours for the visit to CMCA. During that time students will explore the art collaboratively through discussion and activities designed specifically for their age group. 

Look Inside: CMCA can also offer a preparatory visit to the classroom, orienting students to an exhibition’s artists and concepts, providing context, while beginning the kind of conversation that encourages open mindedness, curiosity, and multiple points of view.

For more information or to plan a visit to CMCA, call Sandy Weisman at 207.596.7624 or email info@cmcanow.org.