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"Long Shadows, Frozen River," by Jessica Stammen

Every day I look out the window and my physical eye is forced to focus on objects either before or beyond a glass divide, but never both at the same time, even though I try so hard. What excites me most as a painter is the possibility of merging two spaces that are divided in reality, two spaces that are impossible to focus on simultaneously, two spaces that are so separate . . . onto the single plane of canvas or panel. Here and there, light and dark, dry and wet, in and out, winter and summer, above and below merge in my subjects of windows and water.  Painting is a way to see, and to see more. As Qoheleth said, “The eye never has enough of seeing.” Painting is a meditation, a way to set my sights somewhere between the physical mechanics of of this sight and the framework of imagination, desire and memory that make it possible.

Jessica Lee Ives, formerly Jessica Stammen, grew up in Camden. Her understanding of place—its moods, its light—illuminates her lighthearted and personal work. Her paintings on Mylar are confident and spare, and full of affection. A graduate of the Cooper Union School of Art, she has done graduate work at NYU and won a Clark Foundation Fellowship to work as an artist-in-residence at Ground Zero after September 11. In 2012 she had a one-person show at Ten High Street Gallery. Her work is included in the collections of the New York Historical Society and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. She recently had a solo show at the Blue Gallery at Bowdoin College, at Gleason Fine Art, and has work in upcoming exhibitions at Sam Shaw Gallery in Northeast Harbor and at Ives and Rizzio at the Good Supply in Pemaquid.

"Long Shadows, Frozen River," by Jessica Stammen 2 years ago
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