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"Indigo Series #27," by Grace DeGennaro

Archetypal images and their ability to communicate ideas that transcend both language and culture are the subject of my work. My oil paintings and watercolors reference the non-Western traditions of Byzantine mosaics and Indian Tantra drawings as well as the organic grids of 20thcentury Minimalists.

My studio practice is one of identifying resonant images that are both iconic and numinous. This vocabulary of images includes: concentric circles, diamonds, crosses and the vesica piscis shape. The symbolism and myriad meanings associated with these images through out history provide a context for my practice.

I begin a series by making stencils of the chosen images. The stencils are then used to make the watercolors and small oil paintings on linen. The resulting images are multiplied and “woven” on a grid in the large paintings. Compositions are conceived as central and symmetrical, but a subtle and humanizing asymmetry occurs as a result of the painting process. The golden rectangle ratio is reflected in the proportions of the painting supports.

On an inviolable ground of color, the paintings are rendered through a deliberate accretion of dots, beads and transparent glazes of color. The accumulation of marks and glazes of color reflects and supports the recurrent themes of ritual, growth, memory, and the passage of time.

Grace DeGennaro’s meticulous work orders organic forms.  This subtle watercolor turns vines into patterns that could have trellised a quilt, the red oval could be a blossom—or the sun. A graduate of Skidmore College, she earned an MFA from Columbia and studied at the Sir John Cass School of Art in London. She participated in the 2012 Biennial at CMCA. In 2014, she had a solo show at the Maine State House, and was included in group shows at the Tang Museum in Saratoga Springs, New York, the Saugerties Performing Arts Factory, the Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park, New Jersey, the Flinn Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut, and the University of New England. Her work is in the collections of the Heckscher Museum and the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

"Indigo Series #27," by Grace DeGennaro 2 years ago
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