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Del Cain
Del Cain, "Face in Fire"
Del Cain, "Green and Copper"
Del Cain, "bluEvent2"

I am a retired Mainer (born Gardiner,Maine) and live in Orlando, Florida. I have been an artist five years,and am having a modest successful second career in retirement.

I was attracted to the freedom shown in Jackson Pollock’s works, so do throw and drip oil paintings. I started out small and currently am doing 40 x 48″ and 48 x 48″ paintings.

 I am self taught and have developed my own techniques. I exhibit  at local Orlando galleries and several times a year at the Orlando Museum of Art ‘First Thursday monthly art events for local artists. In December, 2014, I received the ‘Best in Show’ ribbon and prize for one of my paintings.

Del Cain 12 months ago
Del Cain, "Face in Fire" 12 months ago
Del Cain, "Green and Copper" 12 months ago
Del Cain, "bluEvent2" 12 months ago
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