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I’m a painter and collage artist with an obsessive need to record and arrange whatever’s in front of me. Landscape and forms found in nature are particularly appealing. I work in a variety of genres. My oil and watercolor botanicals depict a narrative arc of biological existence, from bud to bloom to ripeness and ruin.

My collages vary in size and content. The smaller oils reference a place or experience of Maine culled from my memory. I crop and modify discarded paint palettes until images emerge that suggest landscapes. They are named after familiar places: Sunday River, Ragged Mountain, Route 52, Maid’s Beach. Residue from one painting becomes the core of another.

My larger collages explore the balance of nature, depicting elements that teeter between order and chaos. My intent is to balance a fluid dynamic of natural elements within a somewhat formal composition. Manmade materials are juxtaposed with natural elements and scraps of my personal history.

Amy Lowry divides her time between Chicago and Maine; she studied at the University of Vermont and lived in Beijing for four years, studying with Chinese artists, and her work illustrates her mastery of brushwork, with bold gestures and meticulous layering. She has also written and illustrated several children’s books. Her paintings have been shown in in Hong Kong, Beijing, Milan, New York, Boston, Texas, and Michigan; and throughout Maine. In Chicago Lowry’s work has been in solo and group exhibitions including shows at the Loyola University Museum of Art Field Museum, Peggy Notebaert Museum, and at ART Chicago. She recently had a residency in Italy and a solo show at Dowling Walsh Gallery.

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