Mission & History

The Center for Maine Contemporary Art is a nonprofit organization advancing contemporary art in Maine through exhibitions and educational programs.

In 1952, a group of artists came together in the beautiful harbor village of Rockport, Maine, to put on a small summer art exhibition. Originally called Maine Coast Artists, their initiative evolved over the next fifty years to become the Center for Maine Contemporary Art (CMCA), the state’s leading nonprofit institution dedicated to advancing contemporary art through exhibitions and educational programs.
Today, CMCA does what no other arts organization in New England does: It exhibits work by hundreds of living artists and helps countless others by being a hub for an ever-expanding artist network. Each year thousands of visitors enrich their lives by coming through our doors to engage with one of the nation’s most active contemporary art scenes.
Interview with Director Suzette McAvoy, by Dr. Lisa Radio Hour Podcast
Dr. Lisa Belisle interviewed CMCA director Suzette McAvoy in September 2013 about CMCA's history and future, its mission and place in Maine art today, and the importance of art and creativity in general. Click here to listen.