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Making the World Better

Dear Families and Friends, During our month-long adventure with art and ideas, children have let their imaginations go. On the last day of LEAPS of IMAGINATION we asked second graders,

Show Stopper

Dear Families and Friends, Friday morning was a stupendous experience for LEAPS of IMAGINATION students, their teachers, their families, and of course, those of us who have come to know

Commitment, Risk, Abandon, and Joy

Dear Families and Friends, How can we sum up our four week exploration with second graders at Lura Libby School? “The act of creation is like the act of love.

Eric Leppanen, Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Robert Younger

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Eric Leppanen I am an action painter who recycles old paint – giving it a new life and purpose. I try to create a constellation of different effects with paint by combining

Artists Leave an Imprint

Dear Families and Friends, Artists, Alexis Iammarino, Sarah Rogers, Susan Beebe, and Sandy Weisman continue to “make their mark” in Lura Libby classrooms. The moment has come for young artists

Art Makes it Stick

Dear Families and Friends, The LEAPS of IMAGINATION team has been working hard to make things “sticky” for kids. We believe that long after the actual stickiness kids feel on

Together We Can Do So Much

Dear Families and Friends, After hearing the tale of The Gigantic Turnip, our group began its own serious work in pairs.  Everyone knew that it had been the collaborative effort of

Tellers of Tales

There’s a  bird living in the attic. There are four little chicks. They’re robins. “I can’t go up there. They might peck me!” “I’ve seen robins’ eggs because it fell